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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Experience Your Summer at the Universal Studios Hollywood!

06.13.2012 – If you’re based in the United States or plans to have a summer vacation you might include the Universal Studios Hollywood in California on your to do list at they recently opened the newest ride in Transformers The Ride 3D as well as some cool stuff available at the Transformers Supply Vault for your collectible and merchandise needs.

The original Universal Studios which opened in 1964 has been catering to visitors young and old.

The theme park has expanded to three more places located in Orlando Florida, Japan and the newest attraction in Singapore.

There’s so much to explore for any geeks who has seen the movies that Universal Studios has produced in the past to the current ones as well as introduced state of the art thrill rides that would catch your imagination.

Experience the unforgettable tours and live the movie experience when you enter the theme park and remember to always be ready for surprises.

Our friends based in California surely enjoyed their summer trip to Universal Studios Hollywood and they shared that every year you see something new. If you happen to be traveling to the west coast to visit your family and relatives don’t forget to stop by one of America’s popular theme parks.

If you happen to plan in taking a vacation in the west coast the Universal Hollywood Studios must be on your to do list on your travel list not only to experience the awesome Transformers The Ride 3D but also to take home some souvenirs at the Transformers Supply Vault.

Universal Studios Hollywood is open daily and you can LIKE their Facebook Page or for more details visit their website at:


  1. If you are already coming for the entertainment and amazing new ride (love it!) might as well stay the weekend and get the most out of Universal City and Hollywood. We have a serenity hotel bed waiting for you at the Hilton.

  2. Hi, We appreciate the services your offering our friends who went to the theme park. Actually they are back in the Bay Area now.

    But we thank you for the offer and we will keep that in mind. Thank You.