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Friday, June 29, 2012

A Pixar Employee Named Ronnie del Carmen.

06.29.2012 – Who is Ronnie del Carmen? The name sounded very Filipino which he is indeed from the Philippines. There are only a few people who have heard about his works in the comics industry dating back from almost a decade ago.

What we know is he has a hand in the animation storyboard being an artist, and designer for some of Disney Pixar’s animation namely Finding Nemo (Story Supervisor), One Man Band (Production Design), Ratatouille (Story), WALL-E (Story/Character Design), UP (Story Supervisor), Dug's Special Mission (Director/writer), and the untitled Pixar Movie That Takes You Inside the Mind which we’ll see in 2015 (Co-director),

Born Ronaldo del Carmen who graduated in the oldest college in the Philippines at the University of Santo Tomas. There are only bits and pieces of what we really know about his works but definitely got our interest when one fan made a shout out about his work on Aliens Mondo Heat published by Dark Horse Comics in 1996.

Del Carmen has accomplished a lot to a few who would notice and remember. But when you watch WALL-E now after finding out he was part of the character design you would stand proud that there’s a Filipino at Pixar making a difference with contribution in producing these great feature length animations and shorts.

He was Best in Animation Division and first time nominee of the 2010 National Cartoonists Society Reuben Awards winner for his work on UP and directed the Pixar short in Dug’s Special Mission which is accompanied in the DVD release of the animated feature film.

If you look up on his previous works in comics you’ll find some are gold mine to suit your curiosity how he first got successful in the industry. One notable comic book is the Holiday Special of Batman Adventures. The one-shot issue features his contribution as writer, penciler, inker and colorist. There where other several comic books that he has done back in the day but Dark Horse Comics’ Aliens Mondo Heat caught our eye on how expressive and playful his characters portray in that one shot.

Lately you will rarely see him do full time work on a comic book due to being employed at Pixar Studios. So you will only see him make mostly cover art just like this Heroic Age variant cover to Iron Man #27 which anyone would hardly notice.

So if you happen to dig up Comic Odyssey’s pile of back issues in their bins since starting today June 29th up to Sunday of July 1st they will have their “Back Issue Bonanza Sale” (in all branches with the exception of the Fully Booked branch at The Bonifacio hight Street in Taguig, shamelessly plugging).

Look up Ronnie del Carmen’s comic book works you might find it interesting to know he’s been around as he’s no high profile Filipino comic book artist but would highly regard as one of the Philippines talented individual making his mark at Disney Pixar.

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