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Saturday, June 16, 2012

ToyCon 2012: Friday Retailer & Saturday Event Highlights!

06.16.2012 – The Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention (Toy Con) which is the biggest local sellers show in the country opened its doors to the public for the highlight show which featured band performances, celebrities and cosplay.

There where selected major highlights on this event besides the appearance of Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao who have been present annually to grace the biggest retailer's event in the country.

The added surprises for this year are mostly from the local cosplay scene which has been part of the event since they adapted this as an attraction in 2003.

Every year the standard theme they promote annually is based on the upcoming blockbuster films and for this year they are promoting The Dark Knight Rises which will be shown in local theaters on July 19, 2012 in the Philippines.

The exhibit featuring Christian Bale’s batsuit along with a collection of memorabilia on display from the past Batman films which is directed by Christopher Nolan provided by Warner Bros. Picture Philippines as reported by Timzster. That same exhibit will be having its own mall tour to promote the said film up to the regular showing.

We got Ronald Guanzon providing us a tour of the retailer’s day which was from yesterday (Friday) on what went on during that event.

The secondary film which was supposed to be shown also this year was G.I. Joe Retaliation which was pushed back from its June 2012 release to March 2013. This was reported back also by Timzster regarding the film being converted to 3D.

The movie is locally distributed by Solar UIP has set up a special exhibit which collaborates with local toy collecting group Toy Soldier 118 in showing of the G.I. Joe toys from past to the present and at the centerpiece is the USS Flagg a seven-foot vintage playset from the 1980s owned by Daniel Enriquez.

This photo was taken by TS118 regular Cathedral of Space aka Bert Baylon.

Other notable attractions are the local Komiks artists at the Artist Alley representing Komikon, which should be one of the major attractions to this event. They will have the upcoming Komikon IndieKet this July 14, 2012 for those who are inspired to be indie artists who wants to promote their original material.

So far these are some interesting highlight that happened earlier on a Saturday. Anyone planning to drop by the biggest selling event in the country the entrance fee is PhP 100.00 pesos ($2.40 US dollars) at the main entrance which is at the 5th level of SM Megamall at the Megatrade Hall.

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