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Monday, July 9, 2012

Omnicorp Reveals Viral Marketing with ED-209 & More!

07.09.2012 – Omnicorp an advance R & D corporation supplying highly tested technology just recently unveiled their marketing video for what would be the next wave of military innovation for the future.

Of course anyone who would fall for that marketing stunt is not familiar with the company’s name which actually exists in a futuristic fictional world of Robocop. Yup that walking talking gun toting man inside of the machine is about to get a reboot in 2013 with the supporting casts in Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Hugh Laurie.

Its fascination to see that walking scrap known as ED-209 on its official viral video that that Bleeding Cool had shared would turn up looking more of a machine than a stop motion creature from the original film.

If you don’t believe in Omnicor’s future and its innovative products maybe you should watch this marketing video…

Robocop won’t be out until sometime in 2013 and its still in pre-production. The film is directed by Brazillian filmmaker José Padilha and will star Joel Kinnaman in the title role. For more future details and updates LIKE the Official Omnicorp Facebook Page!

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