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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Epic in Dark Knight Rises!

07.19.2012 – The Dark Knight Rises is now shown in the Philippines and comes full circle completing Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.

Many had anticipated for this film and it was a fitting end making the only Batman film with a consistent cast of great actors led by Christian Bale.

The film opens in the international screen date of July 19, 2012 and the Philippines is one of the first few countries to have the opportunity to have it shown a day earlier than the US.

It was a monumental task for Nolan and his production team to bring this saga to an end and what a fitting closure after seeing The Dark Knight which changed our perspective about super hero films.

Before you read the review please be aware that there might be some Potential Spoilers regarding the film. But for those who want to know more then go right ahead and read on…

The Cinematic Visuals

Christopher Nolan is not a fan of 3D and he goes against the hype of that format for more grandeur detail in IMAX format. When he shot The Dark Knight in 2007 he experimented using those huge bulky IMAX cameras to capture some key scenes which include the Joker robbing the bank and the car chase scene where the Tumbler was blown to bits.

In Dark Knight Rises Nolan pushed the level of perspective using the IMAX format in some important scenes such as the 5 minute sequence that was previously shown prior to the international screen date. There are some elements from Nolan’s previous film in the Inception that carried some scenes to this film that may question your own perspective which was definitely making this film something to really see in the big screen.

The Beginning to Rise

The plot thickens as the twists never stopped on Rises and if The Dark Knight changed the way how you watched super hero films that others succeeded and failed to emulate then you should not miss this film.

Though some might say that it might not top the previous film that gave an Academy Award posthumously to Heath Ledger as The Joker you got the other talents giving their all. There are some key scenes that gave a spotlight to each actor in this film.

The “Knightfall Saga” and “No Man’s Land” where key inspirations with regard to the plot of this film which some of us comic book fans would acknowledge. Though there are inconsistencies which leave us some more questions where this story does continues but it really closes Bruce Wayne’s life and opens a new chapter for another.

The film is impressive, brilliant, and epic to some degree of reactions that we’ve seen online. There will be no other Batman film unlike this and the comparisons between other films if they are going to break the records. To each and on its own the Dark Knight Rises is a different move altogether and it might not be as spectacular as the last one but it gave us something to be proud about as fan following this franchise.

Overall story-wise and the impressive plot style that Christopher Nolan and his production team has brought this film is certainly one for the history books.

We rated a Perfect Ten on our score card and we highly suggest you see it on IMAX as for you to experience how impressive this film now showing in cinemas from our friends at Warner Bros. Pictures!

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