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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Pop Culture of Parodies in Oppa Gangnam Style!

09.18.2012 – There’s a huge trend about this music video is sweeping the entire planet and the number one single in Korea has become the biggest viral ever. If you thought “Call Me Maybe” made Carla Rae Jepsen a household name maybe you must be living in the Batcave.

Park Jae-Sang known globally as PSY as a stage name has made his viral music video Oppa Gangnam Style the most viewed music video on Youtube rapidly surpassing 190 million. There are several types of media which have parodied this witty and utterly hilarious music video.

This began in mid-July 2012 when the actual was first uploaded and started a stream of interest. Of course the rest is history when things went and become a phenomenal hit. Britney Spears had the chance to be tutored to the dance move by the man himself. PSY was a controversial individual in Korea who broke the stereotypes and changed the music industry making him the first Korean to make it internationally appearing in North American shows.

During the trip to Singapore for STGCC 2012 the viral has spread out that some already dancing to it. Of course heading back to the Philippines this particular one hit wonder has taken the country to the next level of parodies. Of course some of our Singaporean friends have become part of the trend and here are some interesting parodies that we caught up in our latest feeds in the interwebz…

Pocotee & Friends does it by Vic Teo shared by accompanied with the art work where you can find it in their Official Facebook Page.

Then there’s Jedd the Jedi’s hand at supposed attempt photo stop-motion video of his toy collection doing the dance on video.

In other viral parodied videos in the Philippines fuo in Moymoy Palaboy with some of the cast of Bubble Gang literally will have your head spin with Michael V. aka “Bitoy” impersonating PSY which was one of the first videos to be seen on Youtube.

Of course who would have forgotten Bogart The Explorer from Davao City doing his own style of parody goodness. He explains first the traditional Philippine folk dance and then Segway’s to the music video known as “Bogart Gangnam Style!”

It’s now literally everywhere now even Grant Imahara one of the hosts of Mythbusters on Discovery Channel had something to say about having done “Grant Imahara Style!” with Revolution 3 staff.

Finally the last bit of parody would be saved best for last as interesting to find out that Deadpool does it too. Not the Deadpool we know from the Philippines but close enough to make everyone literally get the vibe of what this guys is trying to do and more!

Well there are countless more parodies out there which we might not have tackled or mentioned and kudos that everyone is doing PSY a favour due to the huge popularity of his song. But nothing beats the original and until PSY finds another viral hit song this one will still be around.

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