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Friday, December 14, 2012

Lyndon Gregorio's Trek & The City!

12.14.2012 – Star Trek resurgence has been steadily coming alive again due to the release of the first teaser trailer went online a few days ago. For those newbie Trekkies who has picked the interest of the movie since its film reboot in 2009 they won’t be familiar with this local group that was founded 10 years ago.

There’s a local community of Star trek fans who has been around for 10 years and still active today. One of the members in the group is none other than Lyndon Gregorio the creator of Beerkada comics appearing on Philippine Star.

He’s been known to draw and tell stories about the humorous antics of his characters through real life events or even his own personal experience. Recently Lyndon has recently released the pocket-size Vocabolero book last July’s Komikon Indieket. Everyone knows Lyndon for his creations but nobody knew that he was a Star Trek fan.

Lyndon even have worn Starfleet uniforms… Yes THEY ARE UNIFORMS not costumes as some people would presumed. Due to that the uniforms are tailor made close enough to be the actual ones worn in the TV series or even in the movies.

Every time there’s a meet-up at the old Brash Young Cinema somewhere in Makati, Lyndon would try to catch the private screenings. Besides being the creator of Beerkada his contributions to the Star Trek community WAS a spin off comics strip titled “Trek & The City.” The stories in these strips features real life people and members of that Star Trek group in the Philippines.

“Trek and The City” has long ceased its stories which were released exclusively online in Star Trek fan page on Yahoo Groups. But you can still find them somewhere online if you know where to look. The stories featured in “Trek & The City” is sometimes based on actual events and Lyndon’s personal experience during the Wednesday meet-ups at BYC. It lasted more than 70 comic strips and it never had the chance to be compiled as a book.

The recurring characters in the comic strips are the ones who have been active during the private screenings and you’ll get to know them immediately since they are based on the members of the group which is quite interesting in there humorous ways based from Lyndon Gregorio’s interpretation.

It’s been a while since we last seen a “Trek & The City” comic strip and it’s been quite nostalgic for any Trekkie to read the early stories. If you haven’t read one of those old strips you can check some of them collected HERE:

Probably there will be interest again for the latest “Trek & The City” on the road to the screening of Star Trek Into Darkness which will be shown on May 17, 2013 from Paramount Pictures to be distributed by Solar Entertainment and United International Pictures in the Philippines.

Lyndon Gregorio is the creator and artist of the Beerkada comic strips appearing in Philippine Star and his books is sold in National Book Stores.

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