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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Playmobil Figures Series 2: Skater Boy!

12.30.2012 – Playmobil is a construction toy though not similar as LEGO what they are known for is the interchangeable body parts of the ‘PlayPeople’ or their version of the minifigure which is 1:24 in scale that was first introduced in 1975 by Hans Beck.

The toy brand used to be popular in the Philippines in the 1980s, but fell off the retail stores until specialty stores Build City and Hobbes & Landes started bringing them backing the late 2000s. Recently Playmobil also introduced their blind bag figures.

Blind bag figures are a recent trend with LEGO and Playmobile followed suite with their version already released its second series middle of this year. Just like their rival toy company they also have an assortment of figures raging from the themes they have introduced in their brand.

The recently released blind bags known as ‘Playmobil Fi?ures’ has been available exclusively at all Build City and Hobbes & Landes stores starting with the debut of series 1 which separates the boys in blue and girls for pink bags. The second series which has been widely available in TRU stores in the US was sighted also in Singapore bagged in green (boys) and yellow (girls).

There are noticeable differences with the packaging between the US and international release that clearly seen at the back of the bag. But other than that the contents are the same with minor changes in the mini catalogue/instruction manual that comes with it.

Opening the bag reveals the skater boy with detailed appearance like the hair down to the clothing that he wears and the design print on the skateboard. The wavy hair and the alternate face (not shown in photos) are remarkable in how Playmobil takes painstaking detail on their figures.

The articulation on the legs may look very much limited, but the wrist swivel is hardly noticed as they have incorporated it in 1982. The other detail you’ll find with this skater boy is the tattoo of stars in his right arm and also the design of his clothing.

This skater boy is one of the twelve figures you can find in the second series along with some of the interesting characters the same goes with the girl counterpart. Overall details this figure is interesting that builds interest for those who grew up with Playmobil and they continue to be relevant for the last forty years.

“Playmobil Fi?ures” series 2 is exclusively available at Build City and Hobbes & Landes stores in the Philippines for PhP 179.75 pesos. This was acquired at Kidz Story located at the second level of Great World City Mall for $3.25 SG dollars.

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