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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ultimate Battle Pack: MOBAT!

12.27.2012 – The MOBAT short for ‘Motorized Battle Tank’ is one of the iconic vehicles in G.I. Joe that it’s the most familiar tank to ever appear the very first issue of the Marvel published comic book series.

It was originally released in 1982 that was packed with a straight arm version of Steeler and it was re-released again that retooled the same figure with a swivel-arm battle grip the following year. It is reissued several times and the last version in 2008.

It’s basically a fictional tank there are no real world version that inspired by this vehicle. But it is iconic in the realm of G.I. Joe that mostly popular due to its appearance in the first issue of the comic book series published by Marvel.

This version was included in the Ultimate Battle Pack which is a Target Exclusive with a blue Cobra Flight Pod and a red HISS Tank. This also includes the drivers, Cobra Commander, H.I.S.S. Driver, and Steeler, as well as Cobra Vehicle Gunner, Destro, Short-Fuze, and Sgt. Stalker.

Fire in the Hole!

The MOBAT is a battery operated vehicle as the name itself is portmanteaus of words derive from MOtorized BAttle Tank. Its powered by two jumbo D size batteries and this is the second variation of the original due to the notches in the tread to help keep the tread stay aligned.

This can go forward or reverse due to the small gun in the turret that allows changing its direction by either pointing it to left (forward) or right (reverse). The detailed tank threads are rare nowadays where some are molded to the tank body cheating the functionality of its function. It is one of the first heavy vehicles by the G.I. Joe team and the most familiar but not as powerful as its succeeding predecessors.

Desert Steeler

Steeler is the driver of the MOBAT and it’s the second version to be released for the 25th anniversary line that was part of the Ultimate Battle Pack. The first time Steeler that came with a vehicle is with the modern version of the Armadillo tank dressed in his iconic military green uniform.

This version is in dessert uniform no difference to his first release only minor color change in what he’s wearing for this vehicle same with the accessory he comes with which is the notable helmet with visor and his pistol which is attached to his holster.

Tank You Very Much

Overall appearance nothing much has change in this version of the MOBAT and included a Steeler that was the original driver for this vehicle but in his desert uniform. The only issue with this MOBAT is that its runs in reverse probably due to error in factory assembly but the play value doesn’t diminish that this is a classic G.I. Joe vehicle from the early days reissued by Hasbro several times.

Any long time G.I. Joe enthusiast would quickly notice this vehicle as one of the first to be released original in 1982 and the appearance never gets old as knowing is half the battle when you run down a few Cobra troopers firing in all cylinders.

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