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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Daredevil #22: "Web of Lies!"

02.16.2013 – Not every superhero lives in the lap of luxury of course there are some who endured going through their personal lives that also affects the character’s well-being.

In the case of Matt Murdock who has gone through a lot of changes that you get lost in his status as a street hero.

Now he has to deal with the guy who happens to be his best friend in Spider-Man who also faces tough choices in life.

But this Spider-Man is not the guy we already knew from the previous issue (See Daredevil #21) and if you haven’t been reading lately he’s in the hunt for DD himself.

Rewind back to the previous issue in the last pages of Daredevil #21 we see Kirsten McDuffie talking to a mysterious shadow (which happens to be the first appearance of Doc Ock as Spidey prior to the release of Amazing Spider-Man #200) Of course you don’t need to read the rest of DD #21 as the only relevance that takes you to DD #22 is the last two pages that has caught up everyone’s attention since hoopla of the supposed death of Peter Parker.

Now on DD #22 we get the update about what’s been happening around Hell’s Kitchen not that Matt just lost his partnership with his only best friend in Foggy Nelson. This leave’s our reluctant blind hero losing his livelihood and lot of spare change in his depreciated pocket.

The relationship between Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson has been explored several times over the years. The team up of both men has gone through trials of fire and yet they come out having each other like peas in the pod. Their relationship has been there since the college days explored in Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.’s “Man Without Fear” graphic novel.

Of course Matt’s relationship with Peter Parker aka Spider-Man is another story that has been stuff of legends. But this isn’t Peter Parker but rather Doctor Octavious under that persona and the interaction between the heroes are as hilarious as seeing a TV sitcom with action scenes.

Mark Waid’s Daredevil definitely grows on you with its punch lines and interesting stories that made this an Eisner Award Winner, Best in continuing series. Chris Samnee’s art is like he owned the character making it quite an interesting perspective compared to the previous artists who lend a hand in making the series memorable.

But this is not the last run for Samnee as Daredevil #23 re-starts and joins Marvel Now with Mark Waid still doing the writing chores. This one-shot story that pits DD and the Superior Spider-Man gets resolved by the menace of Stilt-Man who happens to recycle Doc Ock’s metallic tentacles.

Of course everything gets back to normal but still leaves Matt with questions in Spidey’s uncharacteristic behavior which you should be reading by now in the pages of Superior Spider-Man. The best part of this is the patching up scene with Foggy Nelson which will take us to the next issue of Daredevil. You won’t miss that one out since it’s already available at your local comic book shops.

Overall Daredevil #21 was a lot of fun to read and rarely do you see one-shot adventures that stand out with the art of Chris Samnee and Mark Waid navigating this title in its renewed attention. This is one issue you should have by now as the second and full appearance of Dock Ock as the Superior Spider-Man!

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