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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jack The Giant Slayer -- Humongous Adventure!

02.28.2013 – Representation of the modern age fairytales has to be bold and a little bit close to reality. Not that to exaggerate for the sake of its ambition to become a blockbuster film. Jack and the Giant Slayer have the elements that inspired “Jack the Giant Killer” and “Jack and The Beanstalk” with a bit of epic proportions.

Bryan Singer weaves his way in making this film to be enjoyable and at the same time ambitious for you to be interested. After a long hiatus from the director’s chair Singer returns to direct this twisted version of your bedtime story.

For years the fairy tale that everyone grew up with has different versions that has been re-told several times in school or when you’re up before going to bed. Bryan Singer’s version is something more than just a mere fairy tale. It has the elements of an epic adventure by a young man who only believed in the myth.

Nicholas Hoult fills the shoes of the young intrepid Jack who lives in the fields with his only surviving relative namely his uncle. Of course no nee for the whole act to be told you just have to watch it and be entertained.

Hoult doesn’t look beastly fabulous as he was seen in X-Men: First Class but the young actor holds his ground as the timid Jack who eventually the underdog in the film. He portrays a young man who would eventually the central figure in the film. Eleanor Tomlinson doesn’t look a “weak princess” herself but she’s got the guts to be not just the damsel in distress.

Of course nobody should miss Ewan McGregor the other hero in the film. As Elmont he’s not just the knight in shinning armor and his timing is impeccable. From being the Master Jedi to a clone and your knight he never gets stuck in a one-dimensional performance. The rest of the cast is remarkable in every sense but in every film that comes out there are flaws. The CG may not be as perfect now but the giants should give applause for their performance.

The principle actors have set the bar for their performance but the main stars in this film are the giants. Remarkable performance led by voice actor Bill Nighy with John Kassir as his… Err second head. Impressive performance by those who went on to do the movements of the giants and the technology in bringing them to life was simply entertaining to watch in action.

Overall Jack the Giant Slayer is such an entertaining film to watch with everyone. In 3D it’s great but you only need to see it the way you want it. The thrill of the action was great coupled with humor as told through lens of Bryan Singer which is a momentum for his abilities as a director to return to the film that brought his name… Of course you won’t see that next one until 2014.

Jack the Giant Slayer is now showing in 3D and 2D cinemas from New Line Cinema to be distributed by Warner Bros. Picture Studios in the Philippines!

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