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Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Measures Castle Grayskull®!

02.26.2013 – Last year has revealed plans to produce a new Castle Grayskull scaled to the Masters of the Universe Classics action figures. The fans has answered and saved the pre-order in bringing the interest to reality.

A few weeks back during Toy Fair 2013 Mattel has finally unveiled the biggest playset that has fans who grew up with the original gushing with excitement.

Of course some would still have mixed reactions due to some minor details. This is not the final product just to give you an idea how big is the playset. There are some questions that came about regarding those “minor details” that they had put in question ranging from the mouth of the castle is too short for the figure up to how they would improve its design.

The official release will be in the fall of 2013 and for the hardcore fans this is something monumental in having the iconic playset that you’re MOTU Classics figures are fighting over since the villains doesn't have a Snake Mountain to call home. But it all it depends on how the reception and it would be sold out for Mattel to move forward with the project. And at the end of the way it’s about sales which also include making a profit for them to produce more playsets.

Matty Collector’s Toy Guru answers some questions about the castle’s actual measurements…

The Castle Grayskull is up once again for pre-order at HERE. For more details and other upcoming products LIKE MattyCollector on Facebook!

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