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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Story Behind Free Comic Book Day!

03.11.2013 – Free Comic book Day has become a celebrated event in North America and has been an annual event in the Philippines. The original pioneer of this was the former CCHQ (Comics Central Headquarters) from 2002 to 2004 and in between those years up to 2007 Filbar’s, Comic Quest and Sputnik followed suit.

But most of the comics were not entirely given for FREE as what has been a tradition in the US since it began back in 2002.

Actually the comics are not free the comic shops who participates in this event spends thousands of pesos just to give away. Comic Odyssey which has been consistently started the interest in 2007 has been spending a lot to promote the event. But also there are other stores followed but failed due to that some of them did not gave them away for free rather had to purchase a non-FCBD at their store before getting the comic for that year.

In the Philippines FREE is a very strong word and even non-comic book fans has followed the event since it has a following in the previous years. The first time Comic Odyssey had FCBD in 2007 there was no long lines or even think there was some a promo that you have to buy something to get it for free. But eventually the following year it was given little media attention but the interest has grown adding participation by local comic book artists present to sign or do some sketch art for the regular customers.

The story about Free Comic Book Day started that interest in this particular media is slowly dying due to the age of videogames and the internet. The idea behind it is to promote and lure back old readers as well as introducing comics to the younger generations in educating them to read.

It helps both ways to would-be new comic book readers as well as well as promoting the store that participated that year. It doesn’t come as easy if you know behind the scenes they (the store) is spending thousands of pesos to give away comics as they are not actually free where they have to pay for publishing the books and the shipping cost to bring them to the country.

For some who just know that comics are free give respect back to the artists, publishers, and the comic book store who gave you copies. Because even though they don’t have value like the regular comic books it was spent for to be given away to you.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY happens every first Saturday of May and in 2013 two big events will happen in the Philippines. For more details LIKE Free Comic Book Day Philippines (Official) on Facebook!

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