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Friday, March 15, 2013

HW Imagination 47 of 247: Red Bird!

03.15.2013 – Previously the Minion Pig one of the villains who stole the eggs from a bunch of Angry Birds got a special spotlight.

As popular as the game that is FREE for download on your mobile phone or tablet they have become iconic.

Spawning merchandise based form the game that also produced a theme for the 2011 animated movie in Rio as well as Star Wars which is gaining interest with the younger generation due to its cute diminutive appearance.

The Angry Birds game continue to come up with new sequels and difficult levels that won’t let you sleep through the night. It has become one of the most downloadable games when it was gaining popularity and they have took the jump from just the usual digital character to the merchandise that produced physical games by Mattel.

Looks like the Minion Pig is not the only getting close up as a die cast collectible car. Here comes the Red Bird who is the most familiar face among the Angry Birds character and the most common to smash any Minion Pig in the game.

It’s numbered 47 out of 247 under the sub-line of Hot Wheels Imagination series that was released for 2013. It’s the Red Bird on wheels and who would like to get their hands on this popular flying creature? At first the Minion Pig was the common one but turns out in the Philippines the green one was the rare creature than the Red Bird which is now being heavily promoted by Toys R’ Us as their exclusive release in selected outlets.

The packaging is the standard Hot Wheels blister card but the difference can be seen at the back where it describes the car from its birth to the year it was released. It’s rare to see a Hot Wheels card that had a complete description of the product as most releases in the Philippines have fewer details just like the Minion Pig.

Red Bird is a tough cookie with a well-rounded body and few different size spots that is closely based from the digital counterpart. Having black feather tail and a beak sporting wheels most likely described as a funny car.

Certainly this four wheel Angry Bird will definitely roll over and beat the Minion Pig out of the race if the game is not about blasting their lair to bits.

Having both characters side by side they complement each other with regards to their appearance. The Red Bird looks fairly lonely without the bad guy to race with as the Minion Pig can only be found in specialty shops that are priced twice to complete the characters of Angry Bird.

Mattel certainly put some quality details on these well-loved characters for their Hot Wheels series that makes it interesting to hunt them down like those stolen eggs.

The Red Bird is retailed at PhP 99.75 pesos at selected Toys R’ Us outlets and they are locally distributed by Richwell Trading Corporation.

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