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Sunday, May 5, 2013

FCBD 2013: It's about The Comic Book Fans!

05.05.2013 – Free Comic Book Day in the Philippines has become an unofficial one single event that everyone has anticipated in the past six years. Comic Odyssey has started to promote this event since 2007 and the rest as you all know is history.

The event surrounding the annual celebration originally started in North America but Comic Odyssey was not the first store in the Philippines who has brought this promotion to the local shores. It was actually the former CCHQ (Central Comics Headquarters) in Katipunan from 2002 to 2004.

This year Comic Odyssey takes FCBD to the next level teaming up with Fully Booked who started their own FCBD the event every 3rd Saturday of May from 2008 to 2012. They celebrated the event at the flagship store in Bonifacio High Street which was welcomed with long line. Based from those who stood in line it was stretching as far all the way to the Honda Cars.

The crowed is combined crowds from the regular people who attend FCBD with Comic Odyssey and the ones in Fully Booked. The event has well enough coverage from Solar TV News’ DayBreak with Pat Fernandez which will be aired on May 7, 2013.

FCBD features comic books that was given away absolutely FREE that has themes like superheroes, slice of life and anything that entertains you to read one. In the real world there are no better heroes who deserve the spotlight than the people who came to the event just like Joonee Ondal who works in one of the BPO contact centers in the country who first stood in line at 1AM.

Joonee’s story would certainly entertain you and doesn’t need to wear a costume to find that to attract attention. He was humbled to be part of the experience and would be standing in line to get his free comics next year.

Besides Joonee you also got the comic book artists who share their experience during yesterday’s festivities. JP Palabon the creator of Puso Negro a Filipino independent comic book that has the themes of Slice of Life was celebrating his birthday that day which also launched his second book.

Besides the long lines outside the Fully Booked there was one starting from the inside when Manix Abrera arrived as one of the guest artists who recent launched the 9th book of Kiko Machine during Summer Komikon 2013.

This also sort of marks Comic Odyssey’s celebration being part of Fully Booked. If you all recall last year when Fully Booked celebrated their FCBD event in the 3rd Saturday of May it was the day Comic Odyssey opened its shop on the 3rd level. This would be just a suggestion as a double celebration

The comics given out during the day started at 9AM until it supply lasted before noon and the last comic books to be given away was the Philippine edition of Superman Last Son of Krypton #1 that has the logo of Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked on the cover.

But even though the comics has been given out the guest artists stayed until late in the afternoon Gerry Alanguilan was present signing and doing sketches for his fans who followed his works in DC, Marvel, and Image Comics as well as promoting his new print edition of Wasted which was actually his first independent comic book from the 1990s.

The event not has interesting people who shared their experience being part of the event there were also sightings of costumed individuals who came just to be part of FCBD. These are not the ones from last year that came because they get something in return even without the need to stand in line.

These group of people who dressed as comic book super hero (three girls dressed as Robin and a guy as Bucky from Captain America) sidekicks actually stood in line to get their FREE comics not to get attention but just being a fan dressed up for the occasion.

The event started on a high note as Jamie Daez, Chief Operating Officer of Fully Booked was on-hand for the countdown in opening the doors as early as 9AM. The huge crowd certainly participated with such class. Daez himself was at the table giving away free comics for those who made the effort to be there in the morning.

Everything started to wind down in the late afternoon but it continued well over the night with the promotion and next year would be even bigger than ever.

Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked was grateful in spending your FCBD with them as everyone went home smiling not because of the free comics because they were felt welcome upon entering the store.

The people should know that these comics are not actually free and both companies spend their money to bring these books just to give away. It’s for their regular customers and would-be new readers as a token of appreciation and tanking them in being part of the celebration and who would not want to be part of it?

They the stores honestly say they take the hit because it helps them to promote and support the fight to illiteracy. FCBD has become not because they just gave way comics it’s also bringing back old readers as well as new ones. It also educates young ones to read if not getting interested in novels or books but the next best thing is reading a good comic book and that’s something more than just gaining a profit.

FCBD originally is not about attracting people because the event is about free comics. It helps and transcend to help younger people to read and its more certainly a token to those who support their store who promoted the event.

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event that happens every first Saturday in the month of May and the next one will be on May 3, 2014. For more announcements and future FCBD events LIKE Free Comic Book Day Philippines (Official) on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @FreeComicBookPH

For international announcements LIKE Free Comic Book Day on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @FreeComicBook

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