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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Art of Vincent Vernacatola feat. Gotham's Finest!

05.13.2013 – Ed’s Pool shares Vincent Vernacatola creation. He's an accomplished artist and based on the images shared from Ed's Tumblr page it definitely caught some fan interest. Here's some great art featuring the Batman Family that includes Batman Beyond.

Catwoman certainly is one hot pussy cat to appreciate as the brush strokes and amount of detail getting a lot of LIKEs is something to be amazed about.

The best detailed character you’ll come to appreciate is Two-Face and Mr. Freeze. Then of course there’s the lovely Poison Ivy that you’d like to own if you’re into this kind of art. If you’re just stuck to the “official” world of DC Comics’ Batman you’re limiting yourself that there are great interpretations of the character and definitely if you appreciate art this means you come to see things in a bigger picture.

Ed definitely share’s his passion with us and here are some of those cool Batman related characters you’d probably appreciate in a different light…

For more of Ed’s Pool follow his Tumblr site at:

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