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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gatchman Live Action Trailer Revealed!

06.22.2013 – Last April there was news about the upcoming live action film in Gatchaman known in the US as Battle of the Planets and in some parts of Asia as G-Force which was popularly known in the Philippines.

There was a revival of this series in the comic books when Image Comics’ Top Cow publishing had secured the rights to produce its latest series in 2002 that featured the art work of Filipino illustrator Wilson Tortosa & written by David Wohl.

The popularity of Gatchaman has transcended popular culture with several parodies that would later inspire its recent revival that produced the last merchandise which includes action figures of the iconic characters.

Gatchman has won cult status over the years and with the popularity of bringing Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) made by a Japanese production into a live action film definitely would be highly anticipated by fans all over the world. A teaser trailer was released previously but this first trailer should bring the anticipation hoping it gets shown outside of Japan just like Kenshin made it known globally…

The visuals reveal that it separates itself from previous Sentai and Tokusatsu themed films with more art film perspective. But this is just the first trailer there could be more in the coming months when the film is about to be shown who knows how the anticipation is built up to the day it premiers in cinema.

Gatchaman opens exclusively in Japan on August 24, 2013 to be distributed by Toho Co. Ltd. For more about the film follow on Twitter: @gatchaman_movie

Visit the official website at:

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