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Sunday, July 7, 2013

MacGyver Doing the Impossible Now!

07.07.2013 – Who has not heard of the TV show titled “MacGyver” which originally ran from 1985-1992 which stars Richard Dean Anderson as the man who prefers non-violent resolutions where possible, and refuses to handle a gun.

From ordinary things Mac escape unscathed having only his Swiss Army Knife and a regular flattened duct tape. The television series was popular airing in the Philippines Saturday night the show was a success.

Richard Dean Anderson made the MacGyver popular having a cult following that spawned parodies and was even had a special show featured in the Myth Busters. The word "MacGyverism" entered into the Webster's Dictionary a word used it as an adjective meaning "to do the impossible."

Over the years there were plans for a film which Lee David Zlotoff creator of the original TV show has spoken openly his interest to be part of it. But he did have a hand in writing a five issue mini-series with Tony Lee (of ‘Doctor Who’ comic book series) published via Image Comics titled “MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet” which was set in the modern times but with a 1980s art style done by Will Sliney (best known for his work on ‘Farscape’ and ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘).

If the revival the TV show to the big screen will take some time there was a revival of sorts in September 2012 Richard Dean Anderson reprised his role as MacGyver in a new series of short movies, created by Mercedes-Benz for the launch of their new MPV Citan in Europe (the car is not being released in North America).

The series is available on the official website of Citan, from September 18, 2012 but this was discontinued after a specific date that you can no longer have access to those episodes but thanks to those who have compiled the three episodes into a 10 minute short film which is available on YouTube.

In the new commercial that was made into a short film series MacGyver now runs a mobile repair service with his daughter Caitlin. The original TV show revealed he has a son in this one he has a daughter.

Despite his age, MacGyver uses his skills to overcome his adversaries using his "MacGyverism" and saves the day like in the original show. The production team who produced the short film revealed behind the scene footage in the making of the commercial.

Arno Lindemann, the executive producer said that they wanted a different kind of TV commercial not to bring just another personality but someone like Ricahrd Dean Anderson portraying MacGyver again who runs a company that repairs things which he drives the Mercedes-Benz Citan as part of the marketing campaign dubbed “MacGyver and the New Citan”

For anyone who loved the original TV show this is as close you can get to see a modern take on MacGyver who still doing the impossible like no other.

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