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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Golden Age Hero: The Owl #1!

07.06.2013 –The Owl (not to be mistaken for Marvel’s hairy villain) is an original character first appeared in 1940 in Crackerjack Funnies #25 published by Dell Comics. The Golden Age superhero was created by Frank Thomas possibly inspired from DC Comics’ Batman.

A fictional city of Yorktown in need of a hero and Police detective Nick Terry became The Owl to protect his home his home city in the night. Originally during Dell Comics publication the character have similar gimmicks that the famed cape crusader has today.

The Owl not having superpowers, he instead relies on his fighting skills and a number of gimmicks, such as his flying “Owlmobile,” a cape that functions as a hang glider which also doubles as a parachute, and a hand-held “black light” that casts a beam of darkness. He also utilizes an Owl-gun, which shoots a "Ga-Ga Ray" that makes people act like owls which was quite campy now if they incorporate that in modern time. His girlfriend, newspaper reporter Belle Wayne, found out his secret and became his sidekick, Owl Girl.

Dynamite Entertainment brought back the character in 2008 along with other Golden Age superheroes from various publications that they acquired. But prior to appearing in Project Superpowers limited series by Jim Kreuger and Alex Ross it was first revived in 1960 when Gold Key publications brought back The Owl.

Now The Owl returns in getting a spotlight to reintroduce in a new limited series which features the cover art of Alex Ross with great interior art by Filipino illustrator Heubert Khan Michael.

The new limited series’ premise brings The Owl to the world after being lost "for 50 years in an ethereal limbo. He has come back to find a violent and desperate world of strangers. The woman he loved is gone, but he remains determined to continue his fight for justice. Can the Owl withstand the challenges awaiting him... or will this new reality crush his body and spirit?

For a character which has been in and out of publication now gets a chance to be on the spotlight by Dynamite Entertainment. The Owl is an interesting character getting redesigned by Alex Ross when h first appeared in Project Superpowers.

The story picks up where Nick Terry is trying to find his way adjusting to modern times similar to another superhero that was trapped on ice. The only difference is Terry was trapped along with the other heroes from his time and has so many questions. The interior art looks clean and when it comes to the grit you see violence with blood all over the place as action kicks in.

The cool part about the comics done by a Filipino illustrator like Heubert Khan Michael is that he gets a chance to incorporate Easter eggs in the background. Like other Filipino artists before him which has become sort of a trend if you’re paying attention to his work.

J.T. Krul has written a fine story on the first issue and there are some interesting parts of the character you should find during the run of this limited series.

The Owl deserves to be brought back in the comic book industry and there are other heroes from the Golden Age era that are a “gold mine” to be given a fresh modern take and Dynamite Entertainment is bringing you one of its classic characters to catch up with.

New adventures await Nick Terry as The Owl and trying to find out what he missed during the time being trapped in ethereal limbo.

Now only he’s going to face more violent bad guys but also looking for answers what happened to Belle Wayne his former sidekick and love interest known as Owl Girl. Of course the cliff hanger that’s leave you to pick up issue #2.

Overall great reintroduction of the character with an intriguing story by J.T. Krul featuring the art by Filipino artist Heubert Khan Michael and great covers by Alex Ross.This makes The Owl looks like a new hero but entirely a new take on the classic Golden Age character created by Frank Thomas.

The Owl 4-issue limited series published by Dynamite Entertainment written by J.T. Krul with interior art by Heubert Khan Michael and covers by Alex Ross with a price $3.99 US check your local shops as its available now in some parts of Asia.

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