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Monday, July 8, 2013

Google Doodle: Roswell's 66th Anniversary!

07.08.2013 – This year celebrates the 66th anniversary of the Roswell incident that catapulted to public media that there are aliens out there. If there’s rumors that the cast of X-Files is making a reunion at this year’s SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) then this might be one heck of an alien conspiracy theory.

But then again on a serious note let’s go back to what inspired all these conspiracies with other things related to what inspired various medium of media from comic books, movies and television to produce shows that’s related to what really happened during that time.

Google Doodle pays tribute to that incident that happened in Roswell, New Mexico on July 7, 1947 with an interactive doodle which you can point and click to helping our mystery alien to go home.

The Roswell 66th anniversary doodle lets you appreciate the odd things possibly did happen on that day but you can also watch it here…

This Google Doodle only appeared on sites in Canada, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, France, Peru, Israel, Australia, Singapore, Chile, Hong Kong, Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, Finland, United States, Hungary, New Zealand, Romania, Estonia, Mexico, United Kingdom, Colombia, Japan, and Taiwan.

The Philippines and India did not have this as relevant to celebrate but for those alien junkies who are fascinated with the conspiracy that surrounded the Roswell UFO Incident definitely you’ll get a kick out with Google Doodle interaction for this momentous occasion.

It’s being talked about what went down at Roswell, New Mexico that still a conspiracy but knowing that it could be possible some are still searching for answers.

Indeed. The truth is out there.

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