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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Avengers & Trial of the Punisher Signing Event!

09.29.2013 – Comic Odyssey held another comic book signing but this time it’s at their Robinsons Galleria branch a bit smaller than the one located at the third floor of Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street.

Last Saturday Harvey Tolibao & Romulo Fajardo Jr. had a signing event to promote Danger Girl published by IDW at The Fort branch. This is the third Saturday for Comic Odyssey to hold it in the month of September. The first one was last September 15th with Carlo Pagulayan for Iron Man who is currently on a US tour.

This time around its Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan promoting their run with Avengers starting with issue #18 which currently now sold out up to #20. Their run through issue #23 ties up to the intercompany crossover titled Infinity a mini-series.

Leinil and Gerry had done numerous signing events and this is the second time since Indestructible Hulk #1 last year that they had the same singing event held at the Robinsons Galleria shop. They are also promoting the release of Trial of the Punisher #1 which both artists collaborated with Sunny Gho.

As expected the huge crowd flocked to the Galleria branch similar to the last time they have held the Free Comic Book Day in 2012 since moving down from its original location to the second level basement.

The current FCBD is now held at the Fully Booked shop starting this year so expect each succeeding event related to that will be there. While there will be a rare occurrence of signing events at the Robinsons Galleria branch which caused the assigned security guards to give warning as regular tenants in the area have sought their assistance due to the huge crowd in the area.

But still there was a huge crowd anticipating the main event and it’s not the signing that got them excited. Actually the anticipation build up was the raffling off prizes namely two original pages from Indestructible Hulk #1 and a blank cover Wolverine #1 that will feature Leinil Yu’s artwork which will also depends on the winner what he will sketch.

There was also a one day sale for the back issue bins that was replenished for everyone to dig in while the signing event was happening. But of course when the main program gets announced everyone’s distraction shifts to hoping to take home the prize.

For Leinil and Gerry this is a great a appreciation of support that their work is being acknowledge which has been consistent through these events as wells as local conventions like Komikon which will be happening on November 16th.

After this event Gerry Alanguilan will be gone for the next two weeks traveling to Europe for the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée à Alger (FIBDA) happening on October 8 to 12, 2013 which is an international comics festival in Algeria. This is the reason why Gerry is selling some of the original pages from Indestructible Hulk.

Then he along with his wife will be extending their stay in Paris and as Gerry mentioned in his enthusiastic tone his excited to travel first time to Europe. This comes in deep appreciation that the comic book community is going to get even bigger as Gerry will have a talk about the local komiks and its rich history. He can’t wait to check out the nearest Tin Tin Shop if ever he comes across.

As for Leinil still hard at work penciling the next issues for Avengers as wells as the Trial of the Punisher series. During the event he was doing rare sketches and interacting with his fans singing their copies of his works along with the stuff Gerry has inked.

Besides the original pages and the blank cover that was the main prize Comic Odyssey also gave away gift certificates worth PhP 500.00 pesos which is great for the fans who supported the shop having organized these events. There will be more signing events soon and expect Comic Odyssey to give you more surprises by October.

Overall another successful event where Harvey Tolibao was also there to support the event and talk to the fans and having his own mini-comic book signing outside the store.

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