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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Marvel Universe: The Punisher!

09.29.2013 – The Punisher Marvel’s antihero is the only character who doesn’t have superpowers but definitely has a wide range of weaponry at his disposal.

Appearing on the Amazing Spider-Man #129 (Vol.1 February 1974) he takes his war on crimes VERY seriously to the point of killing his enemies.

There were several incarnations of the character and had some mainstream success recently mostly written by Garth Ennis.

There were also movies that had Dolph Lundgren (1989), Thomas Jane (2004) and Ray Stevenson (2008) portraying Frank Castle.

The success of the character in comics made Punisher gained some following over the years. There were several versions of the action figures but in any of those releases comes imperfection but for the Marvel Universe a fourth time is a charm though not as what you expect this version is close enough to be your Punisher.

Hasbro has released to this date four versions of The Punisher under the Marvel Universe line and out those early releases the current version is the most decent one yet. If you'e seen the first releases the figure is not proportion with his head and body. Besides that it comes with a generic rifle similar to the others that came out acquiring the same accessory that might have been used by some G.I. Joe action figure.

The third version prior to this release was included in a two-pack and tried its best to be as close to the Jim Lee artwork early in his career working for Marvel. But it came out looking like the Asian version of the Punisher.

This current version was the best one yet and it doesn't include a generic rifle he comes with two pistols, knife and a submachine gun.

But the body structure that was used was similar to the Bullseye VS. Daredevil comic-pack released in 2012 which its original base figure is none other than Cyclops that was from the Jim Lee designs that came out in X-Men #1 from 1991. But this version of Frank Castle is good enough to win your interest in acquiring him to be THE Punisher for your 3.75” scale collection.

Though there are still imperfections about this Punisher and it points out to the two pistols that looked like a child can play with it. The materials used on these guns are soft plastic easily bent and deformed. But good enough to slid through each holster that was built on the figure’s body as part of the accessory.

So if you tucked away the two pistols and the knife to its holsters you leave Frank holding the submachine gun. Though he appears less menacing with that kind of weapon sometime you have to find a decent accessory for him making some punishment against some bad guys. Using the Cyclops figure as its based body makes this a well jointed Punisher compared to its previous releases save that to the one Toy Biz had produced years ago before handling the license to Hasbro.

In comparison with that particular version this Marvel Universe released figure is more buffed and menacing down to his chiseled heartless demeanor. The old version is shorter with leaner appearance than the one that’s got some serious issues going on if you got him ticked and pissed out.

The weapon holsters are far better compared to Bullseye’s which usually lose his throwing knife in the process unlike the knife that can slide at his boot. This version is the best Frank Castle yet to come out in this scale.

This version doesn’t have the usual standees that were included in the earlier releases and the packaging has slight changes which includes commentaries of characters at the back. If you got accustomed to Nick Fury, Norman Osborn or Steve Rogers ordering you to collect them all now you got random characters urging you to get this figure. At the back reveals MODOK telling you to collect them all and dress them up in yellow suits?

Interesting enough it also includes a mini-comic (oversized in this scale) which depicts the character and for this one seems to appear that the artwork was done by Jim Lee. But this mini-comic is not even readable just a cover featuring a particular issue of The Punisher comic book.

Overall this version of the Punisher certainly takes visual cues from its comic book counterpart that includes the accessories and what makes Frank Castle gets fleshed out in plastic form which is a rarity nowadays. Hasbro has definitely put quality in this figure which is also a rarity due to its inconsistent release of good ones nowadays.

You can only acquire this figure at specialty stores as it did not appear in the retail but if you’re lucky enough then this must be the Punisher you’re looking for.

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