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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dead or alive, You're coming with me! -- Robocop Trailer Has Landed!

While news of remakes and adaptations are nothing new and is rather commonplace in both movies and television this particular remake really hits home since I remember watching the original TV series as a kid - I think it was on ABC 5 if I'm not mistaken. 

It's a little extra special since I remember watching this series with my dad - it was his thing, all my geekiness I got from  him. He passed away when I was ten and I just can't fathom what he would think of all of the remakes of all his favorites and well here's another one - Robocop! 

A franchise on its own, Robocop first came to film in 1987 garnering commercial success (it is considered as one of the best films of that year), spawning sequels and a television series in 1994.  

Robocop follows the story of policeman Alex Murphy who brutally killed and is revived as a cyberborg policeman/law enforcer known as RoboCop. 

A remake of the movie is set to hit the big screens in 2014. Jose Padilha is helming the remake with Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman cast to play Alex Murphy. 

Check out the first trailer below! I am soooo stoked about this movie but not entirely loving the whole tactical black look. Let me know your thoughts!  

The Robocop of my childhood. Used to watch the TV series when I was a kid.

By Ica Cheng

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