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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Meal 2013: My Little Pony & TF Prime!

09.25.2013 – If you haven’t been to McDonald’s recently and no idea about the latest promotional toys is for the month of September 2013. You've heard that they brought back the Happy Meal box but you don’t know what the toys just came out.

It was released early this year in the US and finally it has made it to Asia which consists of countries in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The toys are from My Little Pony and Transformers Prime. There’s plenty more promotion for these toys besides the Philippines bringing back the iconic red box to local consumers.

The latest Happy Meal toys consist of four non-transforming characters from the Transformers Prime series and four for My Little Pony. The new toys where seen in some Philippines McDonald’s stores and the four MLP’s are getting quite the attention.

They function as a dangler for your bags that have rooted hair for their tails which similar to the actual toys that was released by Hasbro.

If you My Little Pony are for girls maybe you’d surprised that there’s actually a community of male collectors getting their hands on these. They call themselves The Brony and if you a guy picking up these Happy Meal toys expect him to be part of that growing community.

The Transformers Prime figures aren’t that bad too just that they don’t transform but what do you expect from a meal toy? But the details can’t be ignored in these figures and Optimus Prime and Megatron surely will definitely be sold out.

If you haven’t picked up your latest Happy Meal toys grab them whil1e stocks last and McDonald’s Philippines already have them since September 19, 2013!

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