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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dark Bulb's Kulot Preview Figure!

09.24.2013 – Kulot is a doodle character created by Nelz Yumul which would be considered his very own signature whenever he and his colleagues at doing live art at events. You won’t miss Kulot (Curly in English) as he appears whenever Nelz do a live doodle.

The character has evolved and there were already plans for Kulot to become a designer toy which has been the concept since last year. There have been concept art version of Kulot but this one is on its stages of becoming a limited edition release.

Karen Capco-Yumul who currently hand sculpted Kulot based from Nelz rough drawn design is nearing completion and Darkbulb Productions sends never before seen images of this curly character…

Nelz and his wife Karen are also behind the clothing apparel Nerd Docs which was first seen during BLTXXX 2012 and Midnight Market at Cubao X. Kulot will be exclusively released in the Philippines more details about the exclusive toy soon!

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