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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Graham Norton Show: Ford & Cumberbatch in Star Wars?

10.12.2013 – The upcoming season of Graham Norton Show which premieres in BBC America on October 19th reveals his guests in Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch who were in the hot seat.

Both gentlemen couldn’t confirm or deny that they are in the new Star Wars but of course everyone already confirmed that the three original actors (including Ford) will be in it…

Cumberbatch was a bit tight lipped like Harrison Ford who couldn't confirm or even talk about the new film as brought about the inquiry by Graham Norton.

But surely Benedict Cumberbatch was astounded how Ford said how amazing Sherlock Holmes and he has become a fan of the show steering away from the new Star Wars film. There was no denying that there is a possible chance Cumberbatch who appeared in last summer’s “Star Trek Into Darkness” as Khan would eventually beam down to be part of JJ Abrams next film that will take us back from a Galaxy Far Far Away…

Make no mistake if you think the details don’t convince you check out their initial reaction in this preview of the new episode of Graham Norton Show…

Graham Norton Show airs on Saturday's beginning October 19, 2013 on BBC America. Check your local cable operator for showtimes and availabitlity in Asia.

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