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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Secret Fresh: Unguarded Moments!

10.22.2013 – Marcushiro Nada grew up appreciating the Japanese culture which some of them where already there before he was born. But inspiration and passion for this culture runs deep for Nada to come up with some of the iconic characters from the rising sun.

Enter the Unguarded Moments his fourth solo show this time at Secret Fresh. It’s something cool and close to his childhood featuring some of the well-known Sentai and Kaiju characters that defined the Japanese Pop Culture.

If you have been a fan long before Power Rangers where known or have seen Pacific Rim a couple months back then you know where these properties where inspired from.

The set-up is authentic to every otaku’s dream to see Japanese culture get a tribute in the urban lifestyle seen becoming part of a contemporary art and Marcushiro definitely nailed it recreating some of the characters using charcoal on canvas.

Even the display shows “to be continued…” in Japanese where the toys where the subject of each charcoal art where Marcushiro takes his inspiration that he made each in a day that’s one magnificently talented individual. Each of their portraits lives again making old school look new again.

If you missed or have not seen anything like this then you’ll probably be wondering what are the art pieces that was exhibited and here they are…

Unguarded Moments is exhibited at the ground floor of Secret Fresh Gallery located at the Ronact Art Center along Ortigas avenue in San Juan. For more details LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @FreshManila

For future projects and his next exhibit LIKE Marcushiro Nada on Facebook!

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