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Sunday, October 27, 2013

NAMI: Age of Superheroes Web Series!

10.27.2013 – NAMI is an original character developed by Toonami Asia. The origins of the character were based from a “Tell the story of NAMI” writing competition which was held this year.

The winning entry was from Zachary who is based in the Philippines. But until now all efforts by Toonami Asia to contact the winner was exhausted. The animated short premiered online via the Toonami Asia on Youtube.

NAMI’s origins tell a premise that involves gathering the superheroes full details can be read about the character here…

The world is at the brink of destruction as dark forces spread throughout the planet. Lead by an evil villain the age of heroes is at an end. NAMI an A.I. capable of interfacing with other machines is the planets last hope of survival. Her mission; alter the timeline and ensure that the future is not lost.

So far there are already two short stories that feature NAMI’s origin and her objectives to call upon the superheroes to unite and these episodes can be watched here…

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