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Monday, October 7, 2013

The City of Heroes Return in Arrow Season 2!

10.07.2013 – The long anticipated return of Arrow in its second season returns on CW as Oliver Queen faces new challenges, haunted past and new adversaries. Not to mention the much talked about speedster that everyone wanted to see.

It’s going to be something for DC Entertainment to capitalize in the small screen since competition with the “House of Ideas” is not that big compared to the big screen where they are trying to catch up. With the rumors of additional shows looks like American television is having a landscape change.

Stephen Amell reprises his role as Oliver Queen in the guise of the “hooded” protector of Starling City. Recently Amell’s Facebook Page has continued to share behind the scenes building up to the new season for Arrow.

If the preview from SDCC 2013 was not enough to give you something to anticipate here’s the full trailer for you to catch the show’s premier this Wednesday in the US…


Arrow airs on Warner TV Asia (Check your local operators in your region) and the season won’t kick in the US at CW until October 9, 2013 and for more updates of the series LIKE Arrow on Facebook!

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