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Monday, November 11, 2013

FIVE THINGS About Blue Bustamante!

11.11.2013 – Blue Bustamante the upcoming film directed by Miko Livelo is getting a cult following due to its original concept. It’s about a father who is employed in a foreign land as an OFW who hides his real job as a suit actor for a TV show to his wife and kid.

The premise features a fictional Japanese television show that has nothing to do with a man out of his luck like George Bustamante's slice of life.

But there are five things you should know why you should see Blue Bustamante. If you have been following the updates about Blue Bustamante in the past months, that promotes this film as part of the lineup as part the Cinema One Originals. Some people might be surprise if they see this film differently based on the current trend.

For those who appreciate a good Filipino independent film Blue Bustamante is not what you think. But those who would be impressed how Miko Livelo and his crew at Super Combo Punch Kick productions put this film together. This could be a source of inspiration for the future directors how they should market and promote their films. If you have no idea what Blue Bustamante, it’s not your average Sentai show that has five characters as superheroes taking a spotlight.

It features Joem Bascon as George an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) dress up as a suit actor, and doubles for the actual actor who is starring in the fictional television show called Force Five. But what’s interesting also is George’s friend who helped him find an alternative job after losing his actual employment.


That guy is Roger Grace portrayed by Jun Sabayton, and for Filipinos who have heard his name you can find him as co-host in WASAK, a late night show on TV5 a local channel in the Philippines. What some people don’t recall about Jun is that he has appeared in some Filipino produced short films. This interesting music video titled "ASTRO" by Radioactive Sago Project back in 2007 that features the man in his prime in the makings of an action star!

Blue Bustamante of course won’t be this popular if not for Jun Sabayton, who has garnered a cult following of his own. He was Miko’s first priority to cast in the film when the studio has green lighted the production. He mentioned this during his interview in Parallel Planet regarding the premise for Blue Bustamante, and why Jun is his favorite in the current actors making waves in Filipino independent films.


For every film there’s of course the theatrical poster that was revealed a week ago. There is a story behind that poster, which makes Blue Bustamante stand out among the other films that is being featured in this year’s Cinema One Originals Film Festival.

The poster was designed by JP Cuison, who might be familiar to everyone as the former lead vocalist for Kiko Machine, the voice of Gorgoro Henson, the guy who designed the award winning album cover for Moonsta88, who got Misplaced, and created Punnx Komix that featured Mighty-T a parody of Marvel’s Thor.

The list goes on but JP still as humble as he was, when he was selling komiks during the early years of Komikon is the man who created the poster that you see. Who would have missed this guy? He performed with the former lead vocalist of Eraserheads during his recent solo show. He also designed the poster for Bang Bang Alley, which is another indie film that was directed by Ely Buendia.


If you haven’t seen the movie trailer mostly everyone anticipates that first, but behind that popular one-shot teaser is how they put that together. Miko mentioned that when they put the teaser trailer, and it was never part of the actual film.

Due to the pressure by the studio Miko and the Punch Kick crew along with the main cast put together a quick trailer, that would be shared several times to make this film much more interesting. There was no script and everything was improvised by the actors, and director which they shot it in one take.


When you talk about movies there’s always merchandise or toys tied-up for the film. But that mostly is seen being produced by foreign movies preferably Hollywood. It might be the first time you’ll see an independent film, that has an action figure and it’s Blue Bustamante.

Previous teaser revealed by Miko Livelo himself, that there will be a limited release of the action figure based on the film he directed. It’s designed by the cool people at Imagine Nation Design Studios, and no word where you can find this rare gem. But if you do this is the first time you saw it here.


When you see Blue Bustamante, the first you see is THAT logo. It was designed by Miko’s brother Jolo Livelo. Both have been around being “Miko Punch” and “Jolo Kick”, that’s a Super Combo worthy of M. Bison’s respect whenever it’s Tuesday, and since the film will be showing on that day how’s that for an interesting trivia.

The logo of course was not made digitally as Jolo shares. It was hand written then scanned in the computer and it was digitally colored from there. The rest of course is history and for another trivia is that the Livelo Brothers already have potential before making a name in making this kick ass film.

Sometime in 2008 they also designed the logo for a group known as Philippine Bricksters, the first original culture and community about construction toys like LEGO, MEGABLOKS, KRE-O, and anything related to this genre.

To further spoil you about the film, the cast and the director of Blue Bustamante will be at the upcoming Komikon this Saturday, November 16, 2013 at the Bayanihan Center in the Unilab Complex, where they will have a special on-stage talk about the film.

Lastly an added trivia to let you know, Jun Sabayton has been an annual convention visitor at Komikon. Expect Jun to take the spotlight in this year’s convention. This will be Miko Livelo’s first Komikon appearance with Joem Bascon and some surprises..

If you happen to be getting tickets for the film is already selling them for the Trinoma screening. Check out the dates where to catch Blue Bustamante this week during Cinema One Originals Film Festaval 2013!

Blue Bustamante is an original production by Super Combo Punch Kick, which starts screening at the Glorietta 4 Cinema on November 12, 2013. This will be shown also at Trinoma Mall and Robinsons Galleria’s Movie World.

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