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Friday, November 22, 2013

Kids Meal Spotlight: Pokemon BW Battle Gear!

11.22.2013 – Jollibee rarely release interesting toys for their Kids Meal that competes with the iconic Happy Meal.

In past they have released some interesting promotions for Justice League Animated, Power Rangers, and that Asian exclusive Voltron.

For those who live and grew up in North America, Jollibee is a fast food restaurant that was established in the mid-1970s founded in the Philippines...

It’s currently expanded having stores all over the world and just like McDonald’s it became a global brand. Recently Jollibee’s latest Kids Meal promotion is for Pokemon BW based on Nintendo’s latest game for the franchise, which released new creatures with main character in Pikachu still the most popular of them all.

There are three Pokemon creatures that was part of the promotion, which includes Pikachu and two others in Oshawoot and Tepig for the “Battle Gear” series. Each Pokemon has a special gimmick incorporated for the toy, and based from McDonald’s previous promotion with the Pokemon brand these are larger than they appear in the TV spots and promotional posters.


Tepig could be one of the familiar Pokemon creatures for the BW (Black & White) game. In another meal toy related promotion this little pig could be the second known character that appears in the game.

Previously Tepig was included in another meal toy promotion that features a light up tail. For the Jollibee Kids Meal promotion this Pokemon shoots fireball that light up. Comparing this to another promotional meal toy, Tepig is bigger and the plastic used for this is shinier.

The gimmick for Tepig is that this Pokemon has a launcher built in the chest. The fireball has a small led light when it’s fired it lights up by pushing Tepig’s round tail.


The name is unfamiliar unless you’ve played Pokemon BW. Oshawoot looks like a short clown that appears to be less than your usual garden variety of Pokemon creatures.

At first when you read the toy’s gimmick another Pokemon comes to mind like Squirtle. You know that turtle that has the water power from the first anime series? I guess older fans who first saw that show would remember that particular Pokemon.

But Oshawoot is not just your usual Pokemon having a unique appeal and at the same time a water gun in disguise. Among the three Pokemon creatures Oshawoot is the less popular and doesn’t have electronics.

This little Pokemon certainly has your attention being a “Water Cannon,” but it doesn’t seem to be the appropriate term for its gimmick. Probably a water squirting toy would be more appropriate for being the smaller Pokemon in the group.


Whenever there’s a promotion related to Pokemon, Pikachu is always part of that wave of toys. The character is like Mario or Donkey Kong in their respective games. You can never have Pikachu when you see the latest Pokemon game from Nintendo.

Pikachu has built a reputation as the product’s image. When you talk about Pokemon the name Pikachu is always connected to its product. Like when you think of 7 Eleven Slurpee comes to mind.

There are many versions of Pikachu promotional toys, but this version for Jollibee’s Kids Meal appears to be bigger of them all. The tail-throwing gimmick would be the oddest concept as a catapult, where you load one ball to Pikachu’s tail. At first it appears to be weird having included two yellow translucent yellow balls, and you thought this would light-up but it’s just part of Pikachu’s accessories.


Among the three Pikachu would immediately sold out followed by Tepig and leaving Oshawott the least favorite. Mostly the clown gets no laugh as the one you’ll last see on the display.

The set would be great if Jollibee have released at least six toy varieties of Pokemon creatures. But three is good enough to complete, and you can still check out your nearest store if they still have at least one of them.

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