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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Komikon 2013: Give a heart to Puso Negro II!

11.13.2013 – Puso Negro is a slice of life comic book story created by JP Palabon for his Section Six Comics publication. An interesting character named Puso is a misunderstood individual that gives you the wrong kind of signals.

The comic book has a tag line “Teaching Good Values through Bad Conduct.” It seems a good example some people would not read. But there’s something more to JP’s inconceivable character than meets the eye and he urges you pick it up at Komikon 2013.

There are some varying perspectives what he’s trying to convey about Puso. Originally released during Free Comic Book Day 2013 and it was not given away as everyone thought about it, when JP was marketing the release of the book.

Collectively there are five chapters in the second with more pages when the character was first introduced. Each chapter has a story on its own that you might find more interesting than rather blunt insulting. It delves further on Puso’s daily misadventures through is usual routine that gives you an idea, that he was not your average delinquent from the debut issue that made you want to puke right now.

Entirely the dialogue is in Tagalog for those foreigners who would drop by at this Saturday’s Komikon. But surely if you have a good eye on seeing how the conversation flows you might get an idea how this this character live out his life every single day.

If you happen to see this comic book you’ll see the creator selling also an art print of Puso in his most hip moment. Though it looks like not entirely connected to the second issue it sure gives more character that Puso can be to anyone. But then again this is a comic book is highly suggested for Mature Readers.

Puso Negro second issue is from the twisted mind of JP Palabon. For more details about the comic book series LIKE Puso Negro: Teaching Good Values Through Bad Conduct on Facebook!

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