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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thor The Dark World: Frost Dagger Loki!

11.02.2013 – If you haven’t seen Thor: The Dark World then you must have seen the action figures manufactured by Hasbro that’s already in the market. They look better than their previous versions based from the movie and Hasbro’s made this one good.

The first wave of The Dark World figures featuring Lightning-Bolt Hammer Thor, Marvel’s Kurse, Battle Hammer Thor, Frost Dagger Loki, and Dark Elf. The short pack in this group is the Dark Elf that’s good for army builds, but Loki is the one to look at…

Frost Dagger Loki looks charming but not close to Tom Hiddleston’s character, but good enough to find it uncommon on pegs in some areas. The packaging is uniformed with the other figures in the series with Thor in the upper left of the card. The bubble has too much space for one figure with little accessory (more on this later).

The back card has the character’s description and a large image of the product photo while on the lower right is the other figures sold separately.

Loki’s figure look’s good in package but you take him out the imperfections is revealed. He comes with three VERY SMALL accessories, and two of those came from the 2011 Loki figure repainted gold /copper colors to match with the current figure.

The only new addition to this figure is the Frost Dagger which is made of soft rubber material unlike the two smaller weapons that was previously mentioned. For the new Thor figures that didn’t come with oversized launching weapons. Perhaps due to the quality Hasbro has put into each figure, but still the imperfection of the paint is still sloppy. Possibly they have spent more cost on producing the packaging rather than the actual figure in itself.

Frost Dagger Loki doesn’t much have an appeal unlike the other figures mainly with Thor having two variations. This must be the weakest character among the first wave of assortments that was released having little accessories. He doesn’t even appear to have Tom Hiddleston’s likeness.

What makes this Loki figure even more unattractive is that this doesn’t have a wrist articulation or a torso joint for some good action pose. But the way it was crafted covers all the short comings of this figure.

Since there’s no previous Loki figure that can be compared to this version. The Thor 2011 Swords Strike figure gets a side-by-side comparison to Frost Dagger Loki. What Loki lacks in weapons and articulation he gets to win in height. If you’ve seen the movie trailers, Loki is a little bit shorter than Thor, which puts this version at height advantage.

Possibly the Dark World figures are a bit bigger than the ones released in 2011. Besides that the quality made for Loki makes the 2011 Thor figure even less attractively close to their on-screen counterpart.

Overall Frost Dagger Loki is a step ahead in quality from the 2011 toy line based from the original film. It still has its shortcomings like the lack of articulation and small accessories that came with it. The weakest figure in the first wave of The Dark World action figures that was released.

But due to its popularity in the films regardless of its likeness to Tom Hiddleston this figure still moves from the toy shelves in some areas in the Philippines. This figure is rated 4 out of 5 for its quality in comparison to the previous Loki figures released in 2011. It’s retailed at PhP 599.75 pesos ($13.91 US Dollars) that has become expensive which used to be less than what it used to cost now.

The new figures still attracts serious collectors regardless of its inconsistent quality, and its Manufactured by Hasbro and locally distributed by Play Kit.

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