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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

TMNT 2012 Basic: Metalhead!

11.06.2013 – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now airing the second season in the US on Nickelodeon have some surprises.

The four turtles have their hands full with bad guys like The Foot Clan and its minions like Dogpound.

They also have allies as well that you might not have seen before. Take Metalhead for instance a robotic turtle built from destroyed Kraang-droid parts first appeared in the sixth episode of the first season in “Metalhead.”

Playmates Toys released the character in the second wave along with Dogpound and Fishface to expand the action figure line based from the latest TV series. Just like the previous action figures they come in a card back bubble.

For those long time fans of TMNT this is not a new character, but it’s based from the original that appeared in the classic cartoon. But for this current iteration of Metalhead he was built by Donatello using parts from the damaged Kraang droid. The appearance of Metalhead can be less intimidating than a T-800 Terminator unit.

Donatello considers his creation as a “weapon improvement” after his Bo staff was damaged during the battle with the Kraang in that particular episode.

The name was dubbed by Michelangelo and you got one turtle-droid fighting machine. In true toy-form the action figure doesn’t much capture what the character portrayed in the series. But when you take out the figure in the package he looks cool than you think.

Metalhead has articulated legs and knees but when it comes to the upper body he lacks an elbow joint that the turtle figures have. Not to mention the lack of detail and accessory to make the character intimidating that was seen in the show. The other part that’s missing is his antenna and the Playmates could have used some weathering to make him appear like it was made in the sewers.

Besides the lack and detail of the figure his size was a little of an issue. For comparison with the other turtles Metalhead looks like the same height as Michelangelo. But he’a bit wider since his shell was made from the New York City manhole cover.

Among the second wave of TMNT figures that was released Metalhead is the least you’ll see being sold followed by Dogpound due to the bulk of the character. Fishface is the most you’ll see along with the first wave figures. Shredder still outsells Fishface most of the time as the only mutant who needs a robotic leg just to walk on land.

Overall Metalhead is a cool figure the character appears “too clean” with lack of details that he’s made out of parts from a damaged Kraang droid.

Besides that he doesn't have his antenna and no elbow joints. But what makes Metalhead pretty much sold out is that he’s a likable character who also showed in another episode in "Showdown" Pt. 1. Metalhead has become one of the few allies the turtle ever had besides Casey Jones and April O’Neil.

Metalhead is part of the second wave of TMNT figures based on the hit TV show manufactured by Playmates toys, and it’s distributed in the Philippines by Europlay Distributor Co. retailed at PhP 499.75 pesos.

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