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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Amazing X-Men #2: The Quest for Nightcrawler 2!

12.14.2013 – How Amazing is the new X-Men series? It’s enough to stand its own without even connecting to the other X-Men titles. Marvel has enough world for the merry mutants and 2014 is about to get some more of that “Mutant Genesis.”

These days you can’t collect all of them, and you just have to find one certain title that would be the one to read without the need to collect all the x-titles. The same thing goes with the Avengers have to read them, but Amazing X-Men is all about Nightcrawler.

Yes, that once dead mutant who sacrificed himself to save a fellow mutant in one of Marvel’s major mutant story arc. It’s not as popular as All-New X-Men or as fresh with new mutants in Uncanny X-Men, but certainly appeals to the older audience who just want a good read that has all your classic mutants.

If you haven’t read this latest issue of Amazing X-Men #2 perhaps reading the warning label “SPOILERS ALERT!” would give you signals that this particular article may carry spoiler material. But then again for those curios then proceed to read on…


Every new x-title there’s always a new member introduced either it’s a first appearance or a well-known mutant superhero becoming part of the Jean Grey school for higher learning. If you have seen former Alpha Flight member Northstar became a member of the faculty perhaps Firestar would an interesting teacher in this school.

Anyone who remembers Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends won’t easily forget Firestar. She’s a mutant with “microwave” powers and more of the perfect opposite to the original x-man in Bobby Drake aka Ice Man, who also appear in that classic cartoon.


Ever wonder how to use a machine to travel to “heaven?” There are questions however there are some surprises too. Most especially characters long dead aside from Nightcrawler would make a cameo in this book, and it’s up to the readers to figure out who are these “other” mutants drawn by Ed McGuinness.

This would be an interesting adventure that the X-Men have embarked, and they also cameos of certain characters from reality. The references are not as heavenly as you expected but it sure gives you something to look for in each panel.


In this issue there’s nothing more than a good action, but the dialogue and how Jason Aaron gives the readers a good quality story. It might not be as strong as it was introduced in the first issue, but the action in all these panels done by Ed McGuinness has certainly give to the mean of evolving art.

His female characters are now less muscular and Wolverine is not wide as a house unlike McGuiness’ previous works. The chemistry between artist and write certainly deliver a knockout punch in the adventure department.


Overall a “fun” book and had more focus on the team after ending up in “heaven” with Nightcrawler making an appearance in the last page. There three issues to go as the stranded characters find out where they have end up.

At the same time Nightcrawler’s quest not only about himself but also an adventure to help his former teammates begins where you flip the last page. You can never feel lost if this is your first X-Men title of returning reader, but overall this gets a B+ for bringing that nostalgic feel of reading an adventure without the need to go read the other titles.

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