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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lumpen Culturati: Talks w/ Francis Quina on Morning Glories!

12.18.2013 – When you talk about “Morning Glories” it doesn’t sound like a mystery comic book, but rather something you remove from your eyes upon waking up. Carljoe talks about the Image Comics published series with Francis Quina on Lumpen Culturati.

The ongoing series by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma is a mind-blowing ride, and Francis and Carljoe talk about what makes this great. A good deal of that is how it's a lot like one of their favorite shows, Lost, but it's also a mix of teen drama and high school stuff...

Carljoe and Francis discuss and dissect what makes this series interesting away from the mainstream genre. Described by writer Nick Spencer as "Runaways meets Lost," the series focuses on six "brilliant but troubled" new recruits at Morning Glory Academy. Set in a boarding school that has inspiration from “Lost” and “Happy Potter.”

Listen to Carljoe and Francis as they discuss further of the comic book series, and why they highly recommend for you to check it out…

Lumpen Culturati is a podcast talk show hosted by CarlJoe Javier and it’s uploaded at Podomatic. You can also get more details about the podcast at:

Carljoe originally was not sold about a comic book set in a boarding school. But the concept just got him interested due to that interesting story.

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