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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Remastered -- The Maxx Maxximized #1!

12.03.2013 – The Maxx for some would be the most bizarre comic book that came out in the early 1990s from Sam Keith. The series lasted 35 episodes and was compiled in trade paperback collections from DC Comic’s Wildstorm imprint.

It has been in the news that The Maxx will return retitled “Maxx Maxximized” that would be published by IDW Publishing. There will be minor tweaks on the series that Keith mentioned in his interview and it gets recolored. It’s still the same The Maxx everyone followed but it’s not entirely new...

The colors are new which is done by Ronda Pattison that is more vibrant compared to the original colors by Steve Oliff & Olyoptics. But Keith would explain the reason for such changes since he blames himself for delivering this to Steve as he mentioned in the letter at the end of this first issue.

If this is your first time to read all about The Maxx please turn way from POTENTIAL spoilers. But if you think the write ups and interviews by Sam Keith is not enough to get you sold on the re-release of The Maxx Maxximized by all means to read about this…


The premise follows the adventures of The Maxx in the real world and in the Outback. In the real world The Maxx is a vagrant “homeless man living in a box” while in the alternate world known as the Outback he is the protector of the Jungle Queen.

The Jungle Queen exists in the real world and she’s Julie Winters a freelance social worker, that doesn’t appear to wear decent outfits which attract quite an attention. She often bails The Maxx out of jail, while he’s aware of the Outback, Julie doesn’t know about that world.


For every hero there’s an antagonist in Mr. Gone a serial rapist with telepathic powers linked to Julie and has extensive knowledge of the Outback. Mr. Gone is not thrilled that Julie has a “protector” in The Maxx who he tries to kill.

Mr. Gone is not alone he has a minion of Isz which both exist in the real world and in the Outback which is far more vicious colored in black.


There are three stories in the series namely the main story arc that deals with Mr. Gone in the real world and Outback. The backstory that Sam Keith wishes to expand and give more clarity of that was left out in the original run.

The Maxx series has very complicated stories, that are quite an interesting comic book altogether. Those who followed the series will definitely appreciate the new colors as well as finally getting the back story some clarity.

Overall Maxx Maxximized #1 gives new readers a chance to see what really happens to Julie, The Max, Mr, Gone, and the other characters that would be introduced towards the succeeding issues.

It doesn’t look like The Maxx never aged and became outdated from the 1990s. But definitely he’s back to finish his story for everyone.

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