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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

TMNT Season 2 Episode 1: "The Mutation Situation!"

12.03.2013 – The latest from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is that season 2 has been airing in North America for a month now. The first season reveal new characters and showed that this is not the cartoon you saw in 1987.

There won’t be any recaps for season one on what really went down. This will be straight feature starting with season 2 and the direction that deviates with the previous season. There will be surprises but for this episode it starts with the ooze…

Following the episode from season one the TMNT team still savoring victory after battling both Shedder and the Foot Clan. Not to mention thwarting invasion from Dimension X by Kraang Prime and his squishy minions.

If you haven’t seen season one or have not started watching the latest season please beware POTENTIAL Spoilers in this episode “The Mutation Situation” which was aired in the US on October 12, 2013.


Coupled with layers of subplots “The Mutation Situation” not only deals with the repercussion that traumatized April O’Neil’s father Kirby from the abduction by the Kraang. This also gives a new meaning to “gotta catch `em all!” for those familiar with the line but it also gives an idea how this will play out for this season.

Now that The Foot Clan is in cahoots with the Kraang it clears the perspective how the evil partnership began. This is unlike in the original cartoon that both factions have been in it together skipping the second TMNT series original portrayal.


Now the hunt begins to search all the mutagen in the city which fell from the “stealth” ship that the TMNT team raided. But it also gave consequences that change the status quo between the relationship of Donatello and April.

It was beyond their control to contain and subdue an 8 foot ape-like monster that’s being controlled by a Kraang. This where the clumsiness of the TMNT went down when the mutagen started falling from the sky and giving birth to Wing Nut aka Kirby Bat.


Now not only they have to deal with finding a cure for April’s father, but also track down the remaining mutagen canisters that has fallen all over the city. But can it be too late for some who has been exposed to it?

This opens the premise for season 2 not only to deal with mutagen, but also the relationship between Donatello and April. If most of season Kirby O’Neil was hidden by the Kraang in some warehouse, now they have to deal a mutated bat.

Overall the new season of TMNT has opened a new canister of ooze that they have to deal with in finding each episode. The premise has always been familiar concept added some layer of good subplots and you have a fresh new look for the TV series that everyone grew up watching,

But this time you’re audience are not only the kids getting introduced to the franchise. This also gets the older viewers reacquainted, who have read the original comic book, and have seen the cartoon.

In short the adventure and search of the mutagen canister begins here.

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