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Monday, December 2, 2013

Secret Fresh Presents: Scribe!

12.02.2013 – It’s rare that you see something new and different that’s very an original concept in “Scribe.” The first ever solos who by Joy Mallari for Secret Fresh launched a new art toy and featured a rare piece of her creation.

Joy Mallari has been featured in art galleries before with her signature doll eyed creations. Her latest art toy is an exclusive from Secret Fresh which produced 55 standard versions and 10 custom editions that almost sold out prior to the launch.

There were still two remaining custom editions that are available. But everything else was sold out immediately. The painting is the only piece that’s not up for sale since someone already owned it.

The concept of a youthful girl armed with a sword riding atop of a Trojan horse, which is standing on a chained book on stone wheels appears to be a protector of something sinister locked in mystery. The standard version features “Luna” in orange clothing atop of the black Trojan horse, while the book is painted light blue with gray chains.

It’s something you don’t see anywhere and you won’t be seeing one anytime soon after the exhibit ends in two weeks. If you haven’t seen it in person or no chance to ever visit Secret Fresh check out the images below…

Scribe is exhibited at the ground floor of Secret Fresh Gallery located at the Ronact Art Center along Ortigas avenue in San Juan. For more details LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @FreshManila

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