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Friday, February 7, 2014

Dream Tomica: Initial-D A86 Trueno!

02.07.2014 – Initial D is a popular anime about street racing which features the iconic Toyota AE86 Trueno driven by Takumi Fujiwara. The huge following of the series also put drifting in the spotlight as one of Japan’s racing sports.

Fujiwara who works in his father’s tofu delivery takes the AE 86 as its service vehicle, which honed his driving skills in the series. Dream Tomica a die cast toy line of cars produced the most recent iteration of the iconic car inspired from the series…

The Initial D AE86 Trueno is the latest in the Dream Tomica line that also produced other licensed cars like Mario’s Kart and Hello Kitty’s car. Unlike the previous vehicles mentioned the AE86 Trueno is a real car small and light weight coupe introduced by Toyota in 1983.

It’s an exclusive car released only in Japan, but due to the popularity of the show and hardcore fans who has the money imported it to their country. In the Philippines there’s one AE86 Trueno that was on display during The World of Toyota in 2013.

This version is not exactly direct copy of the one in the series, but close enough that it’s almost the exact replica complete with the Japanese markings of the tofu delivery sign.

The die cast version is 1/61 scale and the headlights are permanently opened. The doors can be opened down to the details of the signage on the left door. The steering wheel is visible that this is a left-hand drive vehicle since all cars in Japan are like that.

Like any Tomica car it has a soft suspension and you can see the clear windows that this car sports black leather seats similar to the one displayed in the Toyota event last year.

Most of the Dream Tomica cars released have a designated number and the Initial D AE86 Trueno doesn’t have number making it slightly unique from the previous releases. The tires appear to be smaller less proportioned, but it’s not as generic like most Tomica cars as this one sports different rim design.

Overall appearance the Initial D AE86 Trueno is iconic on its own as it carved an identity in the popular culture that makes this car represent the series aside from the smooth driving skills of Takumi Fujiwara.

Dream Tomica Initial D AE86 Trueno is manufactured by Takara Tomy and locally distributed by Ban Kee Toys with retail price of PhP 299.75 pesos.

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