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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Meal US 2014: The LEGO® Movie 3D Cups!

02.08.2014 – The LEGO® Movie has already hit theaters in some parts of the Asian region as early as February 6, 2014, and the Happy Meal 3-D Cups has been out since February 1, 2014 which was first seen at the end of January.

This might be the first time McDonald’s have similar releases without any other variation.

But the ones in the US have included a code for you to play each character. They have the “McPlay Power” where there’s little much detail on the exclusive game, but when you click on each 3-D Cup on they reveal each game, that you can participate and use out of the eight characters.

The TV spot was just released early in the morning today (Philippine time), but doesn’t much explain regarding the “McPlay Power” other than promoting the US released The LEGO® Movie 3-D cups…

Details of each cup are revealed in this video if you haven’t had time to check out for full details regarding the code…

The LEGO® Movie is now in theaters available in 3D produced by Village Road Show and distributed in the Philippines by Warner Bros. Picture Studios.

For more about the US released The LEGO® Movie 3-D Cups HERE:

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