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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Abangan: The Best Komiks Collaboration of Friends!

03.25.2014 – Abangan: The Best in Philippine Komiks 2014 will be released next month at the Summer Komikon. It’s a compilation of works from the best local artist in the country. This is also a collaboration of four friends that brought this book together.

Rob Cham who collaborated with Adam David, Carljoe Javier and Elbert Or was at the Art in the Park last Sunday talking about what went behind the scenes in producing this book that everyone is talking about it…

By the numbers Abangan: The Best in Philippine Komiks 2014 have 4 series editors in Cham, David, Javier and Or. There are 216 pages in all featuring 17 original works between 22 writers and artists.

It compiles the current top notch books that’s out there, and most of them some you haven’t heard about in the ever growing Komiks Community. Rob Cham shares what went behind in making the book, and Javier shared some teaser photos on Instragam featuring the four editors sometime at the last week of February.

Carljoe Javier the most vocal of the group originally had this idea during the time DFA was pushing to promote komiks for the international market. But what Rob shared it didn’t push through, But went ahead to produce the book on their own getting their contacts to jump-in aboard what would be Abangan.

The title was Adam David’s idea and the wrap around cover was done by Rob Cham and Elbert Or that you see now as its official release. In its entirety the cover has its own back story as shared by Rob Cham. It was Elbert who did most of the cover and Rob added the characters that definitely stood out.

Carljoe and Adam edited the content of the book, which appears pretty solid from what the four series editors have planned. It’s produced by four professionals not some bunch of fan boys. But true geeks at heart that makes this book to be one of the titles to look out for when Summer Komikon opens its doors on April 12, 2014 at the Bayanihan Center inside the Unilab Complex.

The content of Abangan compiles not only the best in Philippine comics, but also the high quality material from the writers and artists, who poured their labor of love into bringing this book is phenomenal. The preview pages on the who’s who of talents will give you an idea why you should pick this up during Summer Komikon and it will not disappoint you.

Visprint is handling the print of the book and that means not only quality in content. But also brings you quality into producing the book by itself should give you the best value for your money. With all that Abangan: The Best in Philippine Komiks 2014 should be the compilation that will open your eyes to the local komiks community if you’re just starting. It can also be the best birthday present or a gift to foreign friends and for those, who only knew about comic books that is released internationally.

Abangan: The Best in Philippine Comics 2014 has a cover price of PhP 300.00 Pesos ($6.75 US). But if you purchase the book via pre-order its only PhP 250.00 Pesos ($5.65 US).

For more details about the pre-order promo LIKE Abangan Komiks on Facebook!

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