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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marvel's Game Changer in The Winter Soldier!

03.26.2014 – Marvel continues to roll the punches and the company known as the House of Ideas is not running out of surprises. Iron Man 3 was the appetizer and Thor: The Dark World was introduction to the main course.

But Captain America: The Winter Soldier is not what everyone anticipated. It’s WAY 70 plus years away from “The First Avenger”, and as what others have said for those who got the chance to see it first it was DEFINITELY GOOD. Sorry DC Comics fans you won’t see your Batman VS Superman film until Captain America 3 comes out…

Marvel for its great films it set the bar on how to bring superheroes to the big screen. They have set the bar for quality entertainment and brilliant writing. The Avengers changed the way you see superheroes, and it wasn’t going to rest its laurels just yet now that they are dominating this medium with more films coming its way.

Anthony and Joe Russo have set the bar and tone for this film, that neither Iron Man 3 nor Thor: The Dark World can muster. If you’ve seen Tony Stark without his armor, and Thor at his most difficult time dealing things closer to home. Captain America can’t go back in time but deal with current issues like conspiracy and political intrigue.

If you have been the first few people who got to see it today, and observed how the people paid attention to this film IT IS A VERY SERIOUS feel. Marvel continues to set the bar higher and taking big risks with The Winter Soldier and they already have.

What sets the tone for this film will continue to ripple in the next Marvel film, and they the status quo will also take affect on their lone television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They say change is either good or bad, which something Marvel has dared to take and definitely made this film a game changer.

There’s little is to be said about plot and details as you might have come across the synopsis or the two previews (the four minute and 10 minute opening scene) on line that Marvel has shared.

Anthony Mackie mentioned in one of the media press interviews that this is Avengers 1.5 and he does mean it. If you’ve seen the trailers definitely you might root for Falcon as this guy is not your father’s Falcon from the 1960s and 1970s. He’s complete a different animal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and kudos to Mackie for making this character come to life.

Overall Captain America: The Winter Soldier has taken Marvel yet to great heights setting another bar up that DC Comics might not accomplish. Comparing this to another film aside from The First Avenger is a whole lot of story. The Winter Soldier made some fans speechless and it garners a 5/5 rating for the way it changed Marvel to the next level.

Don’t miss the TWO end credit scenes since it’s the most important part not to miss in these Marvel films, which will reveal what’s next in this cinematic universe.

Captain America; The Winter Soldier is now playing in Philippine cinemas and other parts of the Asian region. It will open in North America on April 4, 2014 from Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios in the Philippines.

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