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Friday, March 28, 2014

Movie Review: Muppets Most Wanted!

03.28.2014 – The Muppets are back and this time they are touring Europe. But along the way things are not what you expected since the last one shown in 2012. There was a huge marketing promotion for this film that definitely makes this interesting.

The gang is back with new human cast of talented actors in Rick Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey. This is not the Muppets of old but rather has a new shine to its armor now that Kermit, and the cast of wild characters are basking a new spotlight…

In the 2012 you see one Muppet’s dream come true and in Most Wanted things are not what they seem to be. There’s a lot f things going on in-between you might get lost in the wild antics. But they still stay true to form delivering the jokes that Jim Henson built. The humor of course is not for this generation, but the fans that grew up watching the show and the films that came before.

It’s a tough act to follow the immediate success of the 2012 and it’s hard to compare since it had a different human cast. Not to mention it had a different director who was also the lead actor who knew the Muppets.

The highlight of humors that never gets old is the scene with Ty Burrell as an Interpol Agent having a rivalry with Sam Eagle who happens to be his counterpart as the CIA Agent tracking down the Muppets who they suspect as criminal masterminds. The introduction was brief but certainly the younger kids would definitely watch this.

Not as strong as its previous processor since it had a different season opening. Though it has memorable scenes and the formula for its success continued with a different dynamic. The cameo appearances are no longer just a part of the film towards its end scenes, but made it work as part of the story itself. Considering that the Muppets is a huge group of interesting characters it focused mostly in Kermit spending his time in the Siberian Gulag, while his “twin” Constantine takes his place.

There have been memorable cameos and there was a tight balance to keep these appearances becoming part of the story. The crowd who followed the Muppets would certainly get the humor, but for those who never had the chance the previous films or the TV show it might be tough act to understand how these characters play out.

Overall Muppets Most Wanted still delivers the same humor with the characters and actors involved. But not as superior to the 2012 film, which is missing a few beats that made its resurgence when it was reintroduced.

It would be great that it would appeal also to the younger generation, but the target audience seemed to be the fans who knew each of Muppet troupe. There are good and not-so good highlight of the film. This may not be as strong as the last one, but surely seeing the gang back together again is a fun to watch. 3/5

The Muppets Most Wanted is shown in the Philippines exclusively in Ayala Cinemas which is produced by Walt Disney Studios and locally released by Columbia Pictures Philippines.

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