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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Movie Review: Need For Speed!

03.13.2014 – “Need For Speed” is not your typical film about cars, action and hot women. It’s about friendships, street racing, and a rivalry that make the narrative interesting as its debut film based on a popular racing game by Electronic Arts.

More entirely it’s about what the video game stands for, that makes it interesting and differentiates other films based about racing.

The popular franchise in NFS has its own story to share and it’s not entirely just another car-based film about burning rubber.

In essences Scott Waugh who directed the film made sure it pays tribute to the popular game. Just like any brand or franchise translated into film it is brought in with enough knowledge that it stays true to its roots. NFS was so popular as one of the longest running franchise and its gets to have a liver action film.

Most videogames who gets translated into films suffers a setback, but NFS being relatively new to this medium has hit a good score for having an interesting narrative paying around what everyone knows as a racing game.

Aaron Paul’s breaking bad is out for a vengeance to race as seen in previous teasers and promotional trailers. Tobey Marshall certainly has a lot of going on in his life and Aaron Paul breathes life to this emotionally angst character that just makes a living in his family owned repair shop. In that series spectrum of the film Julia Maddon played by British actress Imogen Poots a brighter side to Paul’s Marshall.

There are fun sides to this film that played out right Scott Mescudi, Ramon Rodriguez, and Rami Malek round up the crew along with Harrison Gilbertson. New faces introduced in this film certainly enjoyed the cars that appeared in the game.

The rivalry sparks as Dominic Cooper’s Dino Brewster provides the intense confrontation. In-between this is Dakota Johnson’s Anita who has little back story to reveal that has connection to Tobey Marshall. But you’ll get the idea once you sit down and watch the film rolls like a newly painted Ford Shelby GT500KR.

Overall Need For Speed is a good adaptation based from the popular video but like anything based on that medium needs more than just being chased by the police and trying to get into the finish line. Its high octane kind of crazy when things starts to pick up speed but like any film it has flaws that keeps the narrative from having to build a critical point where everything fires in all cylinders.

Need For Speed rated 3 out 5 for the heavy plot but enough to just sit back and enjoy the ride which is now playing in Philippine cinemas from DreamWorks Studios distributed by Walt Disney Picture Studios.

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