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Monday, April 14, 2014

Kids Meal Spotlight: Batman Brave & The Bold!

04.14.2014 – Batman is celebrating 75 years and here’s a look at Jollibee’s Kids Meal Toy featuring their own release of Batman Brave & the Bold. The Philippine fast food restaurant has gone global that they have produced some interesting meal toys.

The Cartoon Network show Batman Brave and the Bold presented a different kind of art style deviating away from the Bruce Timm produced animated Series. This brings to more muscular look for the characters and Jollibee released a handful of these toys.

The first set of Batman Brave and the Bold toys where ‘Batman Grappling Launcher’ and ‘Batjet Shooter’ which was released sometime in December 2012. They where immediately sold out when it was first released and never seen restocked again.

Basically Batman’s only articulated part of the body is his right arm, where the grappling launcher can be attached to his hand. The rest is entirely static but the details where nicely done for a figure this size based from the Cartoon Network show.

The ‘Batjet Shooter’ is just a launcher that flings the jet to its target namely the villains in the cut out cardboard. The appeal isn’t much as exciting as the one released by its rival McDonald’s but it’s a Philippine exclusive that is only sold to Jollibee.

Batman Brave and the Bold expand its toy meal with two more additional toys related to the show. However it appears to be redundant when they released the Batmobiles along with the Little Miss toys for girls last month.

These Batmobiles based from the ‘Brave and the Bold’ animation is a little bit smaller compared to what McDonald’s released a few years back. Its not even colored in black rather being released in blue. The Batmobiles are the Blaster and Turbo Twister, which doesn’t appear to be relatable to how Batman’s most iconic ride was shown in the series.

The Batmobile Blaster features a very small batcycle that fits in into the front body of the car that launches it when you push a button. The Batmobile Turbo Twister has a pullback gimmick at the same time you twist the front and back end of the car.

Overall Jollibee Kids Meal Toy featuring ‘Batman: Brave & the Bold’ is an interesting set based from the Cartoon Network series. But it could have been one of those collectibles that had the other characters not just Batman. But the old days of quality meal toys from Jollibee is no longer that relevant compared to what they have a few years back.

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