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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thirty-Minute Amazing Spider-Man 2 Defines Box Office!

04.08.2014 – Columbia Pictures Philippines recently invited press media attendees to see the thirty-minute preview of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 last night. The preview consists divided into three scenes and some seen in the previous teaser trailers.

This is the same sneak preview that was shown in Singapore during the weekend celebration culminated with Earth Hour. Sony Pictures takes a playbook to test the audience reaction that was also done with ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ last year.

The thirty minute preview opening a message from director Marc Webb explaining the revelations about the fate of Peter Parker’s parents after the scenes from The Amazing Spider-Man where he was left with Aunt May and Uncle Ben, the tussle with Paul Giammatti’s Rhino before he used the mech suit, the extent of Electro’s power, and Peter’s relationship with Gwen Stacy after a year of not seeing.

This also includes a graduation scene but no spoilers how Stan Lee fits into that and some surprise never before seen action sequences. Prior to the screening there were several trailers for Maleficent and Planes: Fire & Rescue since Walt Disney films are also distributed by Columbia Pictures in the Philippines.

The reception is tense and gratifying how The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fares better than its predecessor in visuals and the quality of its interesting plot. It felt like a Marvel Studios produced film, but entirely Sony Pictures has stepped up its production for this sequel.

No doubt this is a superior Spider-Man film any fan should not miss as Marc Webb takes the helm of the director’s chair and separates itself from the previous trilogy that Sam Raimi has brought to the big screen. The ASM films is VERY much not in comparison to its predecessor with great talents on board and well crafted storyline the license won’t revert back to Marvel anytime soon as news about a spinoff is in production.

‘Amazing’ certainly defines Spider-Man in this sequel and some almost forgot this was only a thirty –minute preview of spliced key scenes that is revealed to the selected few who had the privilege to see it first.

Overall The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will keep fans excited when it hits the big screen by April 30, 2014 in selected markets outside the US and on May 2, 2014 in North America.

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