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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

'Kampilan' 2nd Action Teaser Revealed!

05.06.2014 – Previously Arnold Arre teased his next animated project collaboration with Professor Emil Flores. The working title for now is ‘Kampilan’ set in the days where Spain has conquered the Philippines.

But the next teaser reveals it is also set in present time with little or no dialogue. But this appears to be a silent animation full of action that no words need to describe it…

Arnold Arre first revealed ‘Kampilan’ during last month’s Summer Komikon, while screening the independent animation film in ‘Milky Boy’ that is currently making its rounds in film festival all over the world.

This latest animation project appears to be more refined than its previous predecessors and a team up between Arnold Arre and Prof. Emil Flores is something worth looking forward to when it’s ready to be shown. ‘Kampilan’ is an original that can not be missed once the finished product is all set to be revealed.

The second teaser is enough to give you the visual perspective that its going to be an animated film worth watching:

From Arnold Arre and Emil Flores ‘Kampilan’ currently a working title and more details will be revealed soon. For more animated works from Arnold Arre subscribe to his YouTube channel!

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