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Friday, May 16, 2014

Movie Review: Godzilla!

05.16.2014 – It’s been almost sixty years that TOHO LTD. Introduced Godzilla to the big screen. A monster created due top man’s use of atomic weapons of mass destruction. Dubbed “The King of Monsters” was known originally as the enemy.

But throughout each live action film the once mythological creature became a legend.

The protector that balances the nature was built upon stories from the past, and slowly getting recognized better than the one everyone knew from 1998.

Maybe you can scratch off that 1998 film to the list as true fans of the monster did not like that version. Depicted as the monster, that almost destroyed New York, and mostly focused on the human element rather than Godzilla himself. But the “real” Godzilla has finally crossed the Asian films to the big blockbuster summer event of North America.

Godzilla is not the monster you know, but the creature that the Asian fans are talking about and he’s finally here. The marketing surrounding the premise of the film was not revealed until you’ve seen it. But for the fans collecting every possible the merchandise will immediately have an idea what the movies is all about. The new film is not what viewers would expect and they think Godzilla spells trouble.

You can cast your doubts about this monster film and think about what Pacific Rim had to do with it. But both films unrelated they just share the same film producer in Legendary Pictures.

The producers have stuck with tradition what Godzilla meant for the human kind working alongside Toho LTD. The studio company that created this film franchise dating back to 1954 continues their tradition backed by talented actors who had great performances in this film. Few would complain that there was limited screen time for the monster fights. But the director had put Godzilla to be grounded to feel like he’s there.

Most of the camera angles used where from the ground to get the general feels that this mystical monster is real. Not just some dude in a rubber suit, but with the advent of CGI you’re seeing digital Godzilla with performance capture.

This is by far the most balanced film between human drama and monster action. It doesn’t appear to be campy like its previous films. But it shows that Godzilla can be a Hollywood blockbuster film with the right talent and interesting story. But how they’ll continue with great consistency is still how the ticket sales will attract moviegoers from North American and how they will react about the overall performance of the film.

Overall Godzilla is not your father or grandfather’s monster of old. They still kept the tradition what he meant to everyone. He is still King of Monsters slowly there will be new layers to see in this latest franchise. What long time fans hope is the producers of the film would continue to listen to fans how Godzilla will continue to be relevant after more than sixty year and yes he’s still here to stay.

Nope. Godzilla doesn’t eat fish and he developed a six pack now showing in Philippines cinemas. A+

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