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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Meal Australia: Furby Boom & Hot Wheels!

12.25.2013 – McDonald’s Australia has their latest Happy Meal which has been around up to this month of December that is a few months behind the US release of Furby Boom, and Team Hot Wheels which was released in the Philippines a few months back.

You collect all six Furby Boom creatures, and four Team Hot Wheels vehicles that appear made of plastic which is oversized compared to the actual cars. The Furby Boom is the most sought after in this latest Happy Meal offering and they are getting sold out.

The Team Hot Wheels are not exactly the ones you see being sold in retails stores as they are completely made of plastic and appears bootlegged. Unlike the previous releases were they are ACTUAL Hot Wheels cars by Mattel.

If you haven’t got the chance to see them while you’re in Australia check out the complete line up of Happy Meal toys featuring Furby Boom and Team Hot Wheels:

Actual image taken at one of the McDonald’s stores in Adelaide doesn’t appear to be well organized. This is how they display their Happy Meal toys in Australia, but surely it depends on which store you stepped in to find out…

For more about McDonald’s upcoming Happy Meal toys in Australia visit the site at:

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